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Top ten Smartphones in the USA you might not know

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the United States is home to several renowned smartphone brands. While it is difficult to predict changes that may have occurred since then, I can provide information on the top ten USA phone brands at that time.

1. Apple:
Apple is undoubtedly the most iconic and dominant smartphone brand in the United States. Renowned for its innovation and user-friendly interfaces, Apple’s iPhone lineup has consistently captured a significant market share and set the standard for premium smartphones.

2. Samsung:
While Samsung is a South Korean company, it has a strong presence in the United States and is one of the top smartphone brands in the country. Known for its high-quality displays, powerful processors, and innovative features, Samsung offers a wide range of devices across different price segments.

3. Google:
Google made a significant impact on the smartphone market with its Pixel lineup. Powered by stock Android and featuring cutting-edge camera technology, Google Pixel phones gained popularity for their clean user interface and seamless integration with Google services.

4. Motorola:
Motorola, an American telecommunications company, has a long-standing history in the mobile industry. It gained prominence with its Moto G and Moto E series, offering affordable smartphones with solid performance and near-stock Android experience.

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5. OnePlus:
OnePlus, although originally a Chinese company, has established a strong presence in the United States. Known for offering flagship-level features at comparatively lower prices, OnePlus devices garnered a dedicated fan base for their performance, clean software, and premium build quality.

6. LG:
LG, another South Korean company, has been a player in the American smartphone market. It has offered a diverse range of devices, including flagship models with unique features like dual screens, as well as mid-range and budget-friendly options.

7. TCL:
TCL is a Chinese electronics company that entered the smartphone market and gained recognition for its affordable smartphones. In addition to its own brand, TCL also produces devices under the Alcatel name, catering to budget-conscious consumers in the United States.

8. BLU:
BLU is an American brand that primarily focuses on producing budget-friendly smartphones. It offers a range of devices with basic to mid-range specifications, making them accessible to a wider audience.

9. Razer:
Razer, known for its gaming peripherals, ventured into the smartphone market with its Razer Phone series. Aimed at gaming enthusiasts, these devices featured high-refresh-rate displays and powerful specifications to deliver an immersive gaming experience.

10. Essential:
Essential, a company founded by Android co-founder Andy Rubin, aimed to provide a unique and minimalist smartphone experience. While Essential faced challenges and eventually discontinued its operations, it gained attention for its unconventional design and modular accessory system.

Please note that this information is based on the smartphone landscape up until September 2021, and the rankings and market dynamics may have changed since then.

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