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Android phones steal important update of iPhone

Last week, we got news that Google is making some changes to the way Community Sharing works in the Google Files app. Now, aside from its redesign, Community Sharing seems to have stolen the time-saving feature Apple’s AirDrop has had for a while the ability to share entire folders. That’s according to journalist Mishaal Rahman, who is known for discovering new features. feature in the Android operating system. Apparently, Google Docs now lets you transfer folders from your Android device to other Androids, Chromebooks, and Windows PCs. All you have to do is long press the folder and tap the icon nearby.

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Good: You can transfer any folder on your device to other Android devices, Chromebooks or Windows PCs via the Google Files app! Long-press any folder in the Files app, then tap the Community icon in the upper-right corner.
This is a minor change, of course, but one that could make a significant contribution to the Google Docs application. The time savings is the most obvious and allows you to choose to show information in groups rather than individually. Tap the folder, share it with the recipient, and let Android do its thing. The fact that this has been around for a while and works fine on the iPhone means Social Networking is now one step closer. A real AirDrop competitor.
You can see that the shared text is already on your phone like me. There are some caveats to watch out for, Google Docs tells me there is a 1,000 document limit for close sharing. Android Police also states that folder sharing is only for the Google Files app because it’s not available in Samsung’s file manager.


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