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Kids in Samsung’s backyard are switching from Android to iPhone

Kids in Samsung’s backyard are switching from Android to iPhone.

Members of this group have abandoned Android devices in favor of iPhones, according to a survey of South Korean youth under the age of 30, according to a new report. And all of this is happening in the backyard of top Android maker Samsung. According to Counterpoint Research, 85% of South Koreans bought an Android phone as their first smartphone. However, the report says that 53% of them now use an iPhone. 92% of South Koreans under the age of 30 whose first phone was an iPhone continued to use an iPhone.

The report mentions South Korea’s strong support for local companies like Samsung and LG (which exited the smartphone market in April 2021). In the first half of this year, Counterpoint interviewed 1,000 Koreans and concluded that many Koreans under the age of 30 will buy Android phones as their first smartphone because “when they buy before the likes of people who can actually buy something, like parents, buy their first smartphone.”
Of course, when respondents were asked why they bought an Android device as their first smartphone, the most flagged answer was “recommended by family or friends.” So why are these teens switching from Android phones to iPhones? The most frequently asked answers were “performance” (32%) and “image quality” (31%). The biggest impact on young Korean consumers is the iPhone’s camera performance, satisfaction and expectations.

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Do you remember when 92% of Koreans bought an iPhone as their first mobile phone and still hold it today? 76% said they will not use an Android phone in the future. 52% cited the design of Android phones as the reason why they decided to leave Android phones forever, while 29% cited performance as the reason.

Looking at all age groups in South Korea, more than half of iPhone-to-Android switchers said they were impressed with easy-to-use features like Samsung Pay’s mobile payment features and user interface. That’s why they changed the platform. According to Counterpoint Research, these two answers are the same reasons given by iPhone users who want to replace their iPhones with Android devices in the future.

Counterpoint suggests Android companies may find it more profitable to target simple users in TV ads.

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