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Apple admits many issues for iPad, iPhone users

Apple admits many issues for iPad, iPhone users.

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 got off to a rough start, with iPhone 14 and 14 Pro owners being hit particularly hard. Subsequent updates have done a lot to fix this, but now Apple has acknowledged another major issue affecting all iPad and iPhone users.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple acknowledged a persistent bug affecting Time Zone, the parental control tool on iPhones and iPads that allows kids to exceed time limits and not know access to bad content.
We are aware that some users may not restart the program during the Watch Period. “We take these warnings seriously and have made and will continue to make updates to improve this situation,” said an Apple spokesperson.

Timeline allows parents to control their child’s iPad or iPhone by setting specific time limits, controlling app time limits, and blocking inappropriate content. This error causes time and content restrictions to restart or fail on all devices in the Family Sharing group.
Apple previously addressed the Timeline issue in the May iOS 16.5 update. But the suggested fix doesn’t work, forums and social media are flooded with reports of parents still having issues with iPhones and iPads running the iOS 16.6 / iPadOS 16.6 and even iOS 17 / iPadOS 17 public betas. Announced as part of iOS 12 in 2018, the
Scheduler offers parents a traditional management solution that previously required third-party apps. Since the feature has become essential for families to manage and monitor their screen time behavior.

Apple did not provide a timeline for the Maintenance Update, but it should be available in iOS 16, with iOS 17 dropping support for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, 5th generation iPad and 1st generation iPad Pro. 17 will be released next month. Time is passing. Update
08/04: More details on the Time Virus are now available and steps you can take to minimize its impact.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that this bug was first discovered in October 2022 and can be traced back to an Apple Community Forum post. At the time, more than 2,500 users confirmed that they were experiencing the issue causing the screen time to reset. User description:

I use my kids’ screen time to limit the time spent in certain apps. It’s been working fine for years but I’m going to install it now and after a day or less they will disappear. Other areas have also been removed, including downtime and content restrictions. I changed the password and the guys swear they didn’t try to change any settings. This problem started about two months ago. User
also found part of the job until Apple released a fix: set the time on each device separately and don’t use the connection. Many users report that it is more reliable and agree that the error is due to iCloud syncing issue rather than Screen Time itself.

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Update 08/05: Some users have found that the following steps have fixed their problems, but it must be said that this is not suitable for everyone:

Disable Screen Time on equipment that should be limited during downtime – this is usually your kid’s device.
Make sure all photos are synced to iCloud. Any unprocessed image will be lost in the process. You can check this by going to the bottom of the Photos app to check if there are any pending items.
Sign out of iCloud on any device that has permission to accept Time Requests or has limited View Time. This includes your children and belongings.
Resetting old objects – this does not mean removing everything. To reset all settings, go to Settings, then choose “Change or Reset iPhone” and finally “Reset All Settings”.
Reconnect all devices to iCloud by signing in again. Repeat Timeline
and create your own timeline.
Given that this process involves restarting multiple devices, it is only recommended for users who experience significant issues with the Screen Time virus during the day. Apple’s public acknowledgment of the issue should mean an official fix will be released in the iOS 16.6.

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